35.Do you have car vent holder for my iPhone 7?

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Staying connected with your smartphone is key nowadays. Even while you’re driving it’s a good idea to have your phone for GPS, emergency calls, and so forth. Despite this, it isn’t worth having your phone in hand when driving; it puts you and everyone else in the car at high risk.

thankfully there is a solution to increase your safety on the road while still being able to use your phone- getting a smartphone car mount. They allow you to position your device on the dashboard for easy access where your eyes aren’t far from the road. Then you can safely navigate through your GPS or contact numbers.

Some people don’t appreciate mounts that sit on the windshield for fear of it blocking your view. If that’s the case for you, then the UNGREEN Magnetic Vent Clip has you covered. This mount clamps onto your air vent instead, where you won’t have to worry about losing suction. Instead of manually attaching your phone to it as well, the UGREEN boasts a non-interfering magnetic design. It comes with two metal plates that fit in your phone case or stick to the back of it. The build also allows you to use it in more places than your car.

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