Do You Know The Difference Between HDMI Switchers And Splitters?

2018-02-03 14:16:19 editor 144

Massive TVs at present feature HDMI port while many still do not have this ability or the HDMI ports are not enough when needed, which makes it troublesome enough if devices attached to the TV need to be changed.


What's worse, frequent plugging and unplugging actually will damage the HDMI port. But fortunately, HDMI switchers are easy enough to operate, facilitating people via keeping them away from the troubles.


Then what is HDMI switcher? Its main functions? And what is the difference between the switcher and splitter? If you need or are going to purchase one, pls make the above questions clear firstly.


As its name suggests, HDMI switcher helps to switch the HDMI ports between different devices hooked up to the TV. It generally offers several HDMI ports and one output.



Take, for example, the Ugreen HDMI switcher featuring support for 3D and 1080p output. The included charging cable can provide power and the attached infrared control can do you a favor if you do not want to move your body.


The button on the item is also equipped with the same function, just like the IR control.



When it comes to the HDMI splitter, we may be confused by the similar appearance but the functions are totally different. The same video is shown on various displays because of the HDMI splitter featuring multiple outputs and one input. Of course, you can not use the output port as the input port and hot-swapping should be avoided.


Overall, it is easy to distinguish them in the aspect of the functions.



Actually, the functions can be easily understood as the above picture shows. What we should pay attention to is the concrete number of expected output and input when we prepare to get one!