How To Charge Your Smartphones Or Tablets Faster

2018-02-01 09:22:39 editor 111

Imagine you are leaving the house to meet friends in half an hour but the battery of your smartphone is going to run out of juice. Time is surely not enough for the battery bar creeps up towards full. What can we do to charge up the smartphone at full speed when every second counts?


Here are a few simple steps to charge your smartphones or tablets faster.


A high-quality and reliable charger

Tons of smartphones come with a 5W charger supplying 1A current while most tablets are usually equipped with 2A chargers whose power can up to 10W.  

If the tablets are charged by smartphone chargers, there is no doubt that the charging speed is slow enough.


Still, an intelligent USB charger to juice up the smartphone and tablet simultaneously becomes a must-have.

powerful charger.jpg

A powerful cable

This is, of course, as important as the USB charge for it also plays a role when charging is in progress. Inferior charging cables on the market feature “slim” core or some materials that are not all-copper, making your phone or tablet overheating.

 powerful cable.jpg

Airplane mode

Before recharging your smartphones, open the airplane mode (flight/aeroplane mode) to disable the services including Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, messages and so on, which will greatly cut down the amount of charging time.


What's more, if the apps are closed or even your smartphone are turned off, that will be great. Because there is no app consuming the power of your battery.


Try to avoid checking the charging process for a while because the display also needs power. You just need to take the smartphone with you when you are going to leave the house.


Charge through power strip or wall plug

In any case, the current a power strip or wall plug can provide is absolutely a lot more than the USB port on the laptop or the host. A vast majority of people are accustomed to recharging their devices with the USB port, which slow down the charging speed.

 power strip.jpg

Put it in a clean and cool place

We need to make sure no extra thing is around the device or keep it away from the sunlight, preventing it gets extremely hot while charging.


Open battery saver

Speaking of the battery saver, it can help your smartphone last longer and speed up the charging process because it gives some limitations to the smartphone.


On top of that, if the smartphone cannot be charged full, take a power bank with built-in cable. When it is unavailable, just charge your device following the above tips to charge your devices faster.