• Do You Know The Difference Between HDMI Switchers And Splitters?

    Massive TVs at present feature HDMI port while many still do not have this ability or the HDMI ports are not enough when needed, which makes it troublesome enough if devices attached to the TV need to

    2018/02/03 editor 59

  • Ugreen USB C Docking Station Featuring VGA Port Is Arriving Soon

    The USB C Docking Station with HDMI port debuting on Amazon sold like hot cakes, making it impossible to get at present. Now its similar type is also coming soon and the only difference lies in t

    2018/02/02 editor 15

  • Valentine's Day Giveaways From Ugreen

    Ugreen Valentine's Day GiveawayValentine's Day is just around the corner and what is your own way to celebrate it? No matter if you are going to send your lovers or someone you love flowers, c

    2018/02/01 editor 88

  • How To Charge Your Smartphones Or Tablets Faster

    Imagine you are leaving the house to meet friends in half an hour but the battery of your smartphone is going to run out of juice. Time is surely not enough for the battery bar creeps up towards full.

    2018/02/01 editor 47

  • Why Is USB-Type C So Important And Powerful?

    When it comes to judging the merits of a USB cable, convenience is nearly as important as speed. Look around your home or office, USB cables or standards are widely applied. W

    2018/01/31 editor 47

  • Solutions For MacBook Pro Without Standards

    Apple introduced its super thin MacBook Pro, ditching all the older ports, HDMI port, standard USB port and SD card slot included. Should we only use the Thunderbolt 3/USB C ports to transfer data or

    2018/01/30 editor 33

  • Holiday Notification Of Chinese Spring Festival 2018

    Time flies and Chinese Lunar New Year is around the corner! Our Spring Festival Holiday is coming and we are sorry to tell you that we will have a Spring Festival Holiday from February 8th to 22nd.&nb

    2018/01/27 editor 174

  • More Useful Gadgets You May Need On Valentine's Day

    It is never too early to consider what kind of presents you need to send to your sweetheart or significant other. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but it is not easy for you to choose a

    2018/01/27 editor 38